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Traffic Impact Analyses (TIAs)

TADI is known as the “go to firm” for TIAs in the Midwest. Since 2002, we have conducted over 500 TIA’s for DOT, county and municipal approval, the most of any engineering firm in Wisconsin. Why is TADI the top choice firm for TIAs? Our Client’s feedback and our 95% repeat client base state it best.

Client Testimonials

“We have worked with TADI on primarily “Big Box” Wisconsin based projects for the past 12 years. We have found TADI to be well connected and current with industry standards. The TADI Team consistently offers creative approaches to presenting the facts and facilitating options to gain approvals. The TADI Team is professional in their presentation and fair in their analysis of the issues at hand. We highly recommend TADI for providing traffic analysis and potential solutions to complex problems for development projects of any size.”
David Behrens, Principal at Greenberg Farrow

“Over the years TADI has performed numerous traffic studies and engineering reports on a wide variety of our projects. The high integrity with which TADI conducts themselves and their business shines through in the quality of their work and the positive interaction they have with those around them. TADI uses their extensive knowledge of the industry and ability to quickly assess situations to provide thoughtful insight on the front end of projects and then delivers effective and appropriate design solutions and reports in an easily understandable message to help gain project acceptance and approval. I highly recommend Traffic Analysis & Design, Inc. (TADI), to provide and/or help solve traffic issues for new and existing projects.”
Greg Kost, Told Development

TADI’s Client Base

Our TIA client base includes the full spectrum of clients from national retailers and local developers to municipalities. TADI has conducted TIAs in all WisDOT regions, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. Our team of Senior Engineers also regularly attend Plan Commission, Common Council, Public Hearings, WisDOT and County meetings to present the findings and recommendations of the TIA in a simplistic understandable presentation. Our relationships with our clients and the agencies that review your studies allows us to develop a complete project scope and our technical expertise means we will complete your project to agency standards the first time.