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Downtown Milwaukee – 777 North Van Buren TIA

Location: Downtown Milwaukee, WI
TADI's Role: TIA for City Approval

The site, located north of Mason Street between Jackson Street and Van Buren Street, is anticipated  to generate more than 770 more peak hour pedestrian crossings at the busy Mason & Van Buren intersection, resulting in up to 1,655 pedestrian crossings during the busy morning peak hour alone.  Additionally, the Milwaukee streetcar planning was underway and the impacts of the streetcar had to be accommodated, including a reduction in lanes downtown and a portion of a nearby street being converted from two-way to one-way operation.  TADI completed the TIA and was able to accommodate pedestrians, transit, and motorists with no right-of-way impacts and minimum on-street parking impacts.

Project tasks included:

  • Data collection
  • Trip Generation/Distribution/Assignment
  • SYNCHRO analysis and modeling of urban intersections
  • Internal circulation/driveway recommendations, improvements for pedestrians and transit users, and improvements to the study area intersections
  • Coordination with the City of Milwaukee
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