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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering is not a branch of TADI-it is TADI. We are experts in the field of traffic engineering and offer a multitude of traffic-related services for public and private clients.

We do traffic engineering better because traffic engineering is all we do. This focus allows us to complete a wide variety of traffic engineering projects for a diverse range of clients that is unmatched by other firms in the Midwest. Our main services are:

  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Corridor Studies
  • Data Collection
  • Safety Analysis
  • Signal Design

More specifically, TADI excels at accommodating the unique analysis needs of every project. Within the umbrella of traffic engineering, our staff conducts the following types of analyses:

  • Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE)
  • Interchange Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling
  • Signal Warrant Studies
  • Work Zone/Diversion Studies
  • Speed Studies
  • Crash Analysis
  • HSIP Applications
  • Origin-Destination Matrices
  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Transportation Planning

Our staff has established itself as leaders in the traffic engineering field and are considered technical experts by our peers. Many of our team members have had technical papers published in industry publications. We are frequently invited to present at local, state, national and international conferences and participate as industry experts at public hearings and public information meetings. In addition, our staff has served as instructors for engineering courses at highly accredited universities such as Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin.