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School Studies

School realize the importance of safe and efficient traffic flow for automobiles, busses, bikes and pedestrians to/from and around the school during the peak arrival and dismissal periods. Higher education clients often have different traffic needs, including parking, internal vehicle movements and safe and efficient pedestrian facilities. At TADI, we address the needs of all types of education clients.

We have been involved with the planning and design of new schools along with analyzing and recommending safety and circulation improvements for existing schools, colleges and universities. A significant part of a successful circulation pattern for both vehicles and pedestrians is understanding the dynamics of each individual school site. Our team analyzes current conditions and meets with school officials and communities to understand each specific situation and the project goals. After listening, we develop a successful traffic operations plan for both vehicles and pedestrians. Detailed data collection, stakeholder communication, expert analysis and modeling, safety analysis and parking analysis are how we support our education clients.