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Signal Design and Timing

Traffic signal design is a lot more than just green, yellow and red. TADI has the skills, knowledge and experience to know what your project requires, as well as what the local authority will require or allow. We prepare practical, constructible plans. In fact, our plans often result in lower overall project cost and improved performance.

We are also experts in traffic signal timing and operations. Whether your project involves a stand-alone signalized intersection or a complex system of coordinated signals, our signal timing solutions are efficient and effective.

There has been much innovation in traffic signal design and construction in the last decade and especially the last few years. We understand the latest technology for connected systems, adaptive operation, and know about constantly evolving construction techniques. TADI has prepared traffic signal plans for over 400 intersections throughout Wisconsin and our unparalleled experience results in great value for our clients.


  • Econolite ASC/3 controller operation
  • Siemens Eagle EPAC controller operation
  • Inductive loop vehicle detection
  • Video vehicle detection
  • Radar vehicle detection
  • Fiber optic communications
  • Radio/wireless communications
  • Copper wire communications
  • Emergency Vehicle Preemption
  • Railroad Preemption, advanced and simultaneous
  • Flashing yellow arrow operation
  • Monotube and standard construction