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Waukesha CBD Interconnect Design

Location: Waukesha
TADI's Role: Interconnect Design

City of Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

The City of Waukesha CBD signal system consists of 18 traffic signals.  Some of the signals are on a partially-built fiber optic communication system, some were connected via copper wire, and some were not connected at all.  This project filled in the gaps to connect all 18 signals to each other and to the City offices to allow communication with each signal controller.  The wireless Ethernet system was also designed to allow viewing of the video detection feeds in the future, however that capability is not currently implemented.  Vehicle detection was added at 4 intersections that previously did not have detection capabilities.

Project tasks included:

  • Communications Alternatives Study
  • Communications system design for wireless and fiber optic links
  • Wireless communications signal strength survey
  • Plan preparation
  • Specification writing
  • Coordination with City of Waukesha
  • Prepared traffic signal timing plans
For more information please contact
John Bieberitz at [email protected]