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Kwik Trip Developments Throughout Wisconsin TIA

Location: Throughout Wisconsin
TADI's Role: Conducting Traffic Impact Analysis for City, County and/or WisDOT approval

Kwik Trip, Inc. has utilized TADI’s traffic engineering expertise to help develop several sites within the state of Wisconsin over the past several years.

Each of these Kwik Trip sites includes a gas station along with a convenience store which is typically a high traffic generator.  The sites are typically located along a major corridor each with its own access requirements.  As part of the developments, either the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) or the local municipality has requested a traffic impact analysis be conducted to identify any roadway improvements attributed to the new development.  This has included analysis of the planned and potential future access points to the adjacent corridors as well as analysis of any heavily used adjacent intersections.  Utilizing TADI’s strong relationships with the review agencies throughout the state as well our expertise in analyzing complicated corridors, TADI coordinated with all of the review agencies to recommend intersection improvements, including new traffic signals where appropriate, to accommodate the proposed development in a timely manner.  The following elements were typically conducted as part of these projects:

  • Data Collection
  • Coordination with the WisDOT and local municipalities
  • Coordination with adjacent property owners and developers
  • Alternative traffic control analysis, including MUTCD signal warrants
  • Analysis of optional access alternatives (left-in/right-in/right-out)
  • Relocation of existing access points
  • Public Meetings & Presentations
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