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Gallun Tannery Redevelopment TIA

Location: City of Milwaukee
TADI's Role: Traffic Impact Analyses

Water Street, North of Brady Street
City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Atlantic Realty Partners is redeveloping the Gallun Tannery site along Water Street, north of Holton Street into a 450 unit apartment complex along the Milwaukee River.  This area of Water Street north of Holton Street and Brady Street has already experienced a large growth in residential development (apartments and condominiums).  Due to the insurgence of development in this area, these proposed 450 apartments and other planned apartment developments, the City of Milwaukee required a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) to be completed.  TADI conducted a large scale TIA for this area which included analyzing several intersections along Water Street, the apartment access driveways along with transit, pedestrian and bike considerations.  The TIA included analysis of the existing conditions, future conditions with the 450 proposed apartments occupied, and a future conditions scenario which included additional traffic from other future approved apartment/condominium developments in the area.  Recommendations included intersection geometric and traffic control improvements, access driveway improvements and lane reassignments.  Project tasks included:

  • Data collection
  • Trip Generation/Distribution/Assignment
  • SYNCHRO analysis and modeling of urban intersections
  • Internal circulation/driveway recommendations, improvements for pedestrians and transit users and improvements to the study area intersections
  • Coordination with the City of Milwaukee
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