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Majestic Property Development TIA

Location: Pleasant Prairie, WI
TADI's Role: Traffic Impact Analyses

CTH H & Bain Station Road
Village of Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County, Wisconsin

Majestic Realty Co. (“Majestic”) is proposing to construct a 1.2 million square foot warehouse/distribution facility along the east side of CTH H between Bain Station Road and 95th Street.  TADI performed the TIA for the Majestic Property Development which included an analysis along CTH H from STH 50 on the north to STH 165 on the south.  The TIA was structured to account for the remaining build-out of the Pleasant Farms Neighborhood, which is generally bound by IH 94 on the west, CTH C and Bain Station Road to the north, CTH on the east, and 95th Street on the south, to aid Pleasant Prairie and Waukesha County plan the ultimate intersection needs of CTH H in the vicinity of the development.  The TIA investigated all-way stop control warrants, traffic signal warrants, and roundabout possibilities for both the Bain Station Road and 95th Street intersections, as well as addressed anticipated cross-section recommendations along CTH H.

The following elements were conducted as part of this TIA studies:

  • Data Collection & Trip Generation/Distribution/Assignment
  • SYNCHRO analysis and modeling
  • Improvements to the roadway network
  • Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Cross-section recommendations
  • Traffic Impact Analysis report
  • Coordination with the Village of Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County and developer
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