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West Bend SS4A Safety Action Plan

Location: Washington County, Wisconsin

Project Description:

In collaboration with West Bend’s dynamic community, TADI created a Safety Action Plan for West Bend with a short-term goal of reducing serious injuries and fatal crashes by 10% by 2027. The plan included:

  • High-Injury Network Identification: Meticulous analysis led us to pinpoint high-risk zones, allowing for precise interventions.
  • Equity Focus: Aligned with West Bend’s ethos, we addressed disadvantaged census tracts, ensuring safety is accessible to all.
  • Crash Trends Analysis: Unveiling crucial insights into patterns at signalized intersections, nighttime crashes, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Prioritization of Improvements: Benefit/cost analysis enabled the prioritization of improvements expected to have the most cost-effective impacts.
  • Funding: TADI assisted West Bend in applying for supplemental planning funds through the SS4A program and successfully secured nearly $200,000 in federal aid to do a series planning activities, including updating the City’s Safety Action Plan, conducting speed studies, traffic counts, road safety audits, additional stakeholder outreach, and proactive traffic control warrants.

In tune with West Bend’s spirit of community and adhering to the Safe System Approach, the Safety Action Plan will be a catalyst for continued collaboration with local medical care providers, automotive dealers, and organizations like Family Promise and Habitat for Humanity.

The Safety Action Plan also sets the foundation for ongoing progress and accountability. Continuing with future pedestrian/bicycle/scooter studies, road safety audits, and annual reports, we’re paving the way for a safer, more inclusive West Bend.