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Drexel Avenue Corridor Traffic Study

Location: City of Oak Creek
TADI's Role: Corridor Traffic Study

A large mixed use development, the Drexel Town Square development which was completed in 2015, along with aggressive development plans the following year, lead to the need for a large corridor planning study along Drexel Avenue.  The City of Oak Creek hired TADI to conduct an extensive planning study to determine interim and ultimate geometric improvements necessary for the implementation of the communities overall land use plan. The city’s land use plan included the development of approximately 250 acres of land along the Drexel Avenue corridor with prime access to I-94/41 via the recently constructed access ramps. Several developers submitted significant site plans to jump start the overall land use plan. Fifteen existing intersections as well as two new proposed access points were evaluated along the Drexel Avenue, Rawson Avenue, Howell Avenue and 27th Street corridors. Roadway cross section and intersection geometric improvements were analyzed along the study area corridors.  The following elements were conducted as part of this project:

  • Data Collection
  • Coordination with WisDOT, Milwaukee County and the City of Oak Creek
  • Modeling 17 existing and proposed intersections
  • Alternative traffic control analysis, including MUTCD signal warrants and relocating intersections and access points
  • Progression Analysis
  • Meetings & Presentations
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